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Landing Doors

Landing Doors - Keep Your Elevator More Functional

Looking for the best way to keep your elevator functioning at its peak? It would help if you got in touch with the experts. Usually, the professionals offer perfect services with regular maintenance and occasional repairs of the Elevators also available that enable a higher performance level. We are at the experts’ team committed to offering high-quality lifts, elevators, landing doors, and other kinds of aspects.

We are the best at providing safe and smooth elevators. As one of the popular elevator companies in Dubai, we aim for offering the best-unrivaled lifts and maintenance services for the customers. Elevator doors are a set of doors, and this can be useful to prevent the passenger from falling on the hoistway.

Automatic landing doors are now available for

High consistency buildings
Commercial buildings
Official buildings

Handing Doors with Unique Features

In general, the elevator company in Dubai aims to offer industry-leading elevator and management services that are mainly efficient for maximizing safety and performance level. By choosing an elevator maintenance company in Dubai, it is much more efficient for driving great mechanisms. The professionals aim to offer the efficient option to fit the home environment even though it perfectly fits commercial space.
We offer unique and advanced landing doors at the lowest price range. Most importantly, our company mainly takes tremendous pride in upholding unique series. With the endless choice of landing doors, you can easily find the best option that ensures a higher level of personalization. We are well versed in offering the best quality landing doors and elevator maintenance services that avoid costly repairs or any other parts replacements.

We offer plenty of landing door options with different choices such as

Full range of sizes
Landing doors with Noise insulation properties
Wood or steel Door frames
Anti-bacterial finish
Lead sheets
Single or double-leaf version
Lead lined frame etc.

There are different finishing options also available such as

Pre-coated steel sheets
Powder-coated to any RAL colour
Stainless steel finish
Epoxy powder primed finish
Decoral painting system
Wet paint
The landing doors can be installed almost anywhere because of its compact footprint, and it works based on the advanced drive mechanism, especially the dual rail technology that makes everything simple.

Why Landing Doors?

The landing doors have been designed to fit into any home or office environment. It adds great value to the elevators and makes your life simple. In general, a door between an elevator shaft & the floor landing is called the landing door as these are normally closed except at the time the elevator is stopped at the floor.
Need to repair or replace landing doors, you must approach the experts, and the
custom-designed door will allow you to enjoy a lot of benefits. Our products are fully customizable, and we can also create exact replicas of the parts you need for elevators. With the wide range of landing doors, you can easily find the best choice to cover all your needs. Therefore, your doors can be installed and repaired in even less time. Hence approach us to get quotes or contact our team via email.

Landing Doors

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