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An Elevator Company in UAE
An Elevator Company in UAE

Certified Home Elevators

We offer certified home lifts and elevators. Being the global manufacturer of home elevators and stairlifts, we are committed to providing high-end elevators so you will get the lift solutions for your existing or new home with ease. To know more details about elevator companies in dubai, you must visit the online sites. Being a popular company delivering excellence when you shop for home elevators, it is one of the largest business corporations globally and known for its quality, safety & reliability.
Our residential elevators, manufactured under the special facility, and we are the best choice for the world’s safest home lifts. Many business partners also power our organization, so try to get our service immediately to make your home look beautiful and functional. For more data, please contact our team; we are ready to work with you at any instance.

Why Demi Elevators?

The Demi home elevator has been designed to fit into any home environment and is perfect for homeowners who are either looking for help to get around the home, or looking to ‘future proof’ their property.


Small Footprint
Whisper Quiet
Fast Installation
Low Power Consumption
Unique Guide System
Self Contained Drive System

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Make Your Home Functional with Home Elevator Systems

Are you searching for the best way to make your home more functional? Then, you are in the right place; we are pleased to introduce ourselves as the most popular elevator/escalator installation company in dubai. The team of professionals aims to serve the customers with unique options since we have worked very hard to earn and manage our reputation and trust among the clients. The experienced team of professionals completing projects and tasks based on the client’s needs.

Wide Variety Of Products

We provide customers with high-quality home or residential elevators in various categories that help make day-to-day living better and more functional. Every home elevator or lift has an innovative design that simplifies your life and creates the ultimate experience without any troubles. Now there are endless choices available when it comes to choosing the lifts, so you can find the elevator with various customizations to cover modern-day needs. Even the home elevator cost also differs yet it suits your budget.


Home lifts
Home elevators
Platform lifts
Cog belt home elevators
Gearless residential lifts
Hydraulic home elevators
Chairlift etc

Our wide variety of products has a great accessibility solution that perfectly suits every home. Everything is tailor-made based on unique specifications; by the way, we also cater to every individual’s needs. By visiting the official website, you can easily find the lift solutions in a variety of segments that includes

The home lifts are entirely manufactured using advanced technology as per international standards that provide you with an ideal and luxurious solution. Home lifts can be installed at under-construction houses even if they are installed in existing homes. Every lift option is tailor-made, pitless so that these are only requiring no shaft or no machine room. Overall, home elevator systems are highly beneficial and make our life more comfortable, easy.

The lifts are strictly manufactured to offer great functionalities; especially it is perfect for residential purposes for

  • Residential buildings
  • Villas
  • Duplexes
  • Bungalows

Post-installation maintenance is also available that ensures product’s safety as per the international standards & guarantees that allow you to get peace of mind.

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